Bhutan Exporters Association commitment in the service of Exporters interpretation of dreams in a most efficient way to produce anything, as to bring together under one management as many as possible of the unconscious activities that discover beyond all desire and fulfillment. The best activities of the year are furnished:

    1. Executive Committee meeting: The Executive Committee of BEA today comprises of 9 members including the President, and General Secretary, with 7 representing from Exporters. As an executive organ of the Association, the Executive Committee now consists of Exporters elected by the members in the Annual General Meeting. The President function as Chairperson and the General Secretary of BEA serves as the member-secretary to the Committee. The meeting of the Executive Committee is held normally on a quarterly basis. This forum provides policy and administrative guidance to the BCCI Secretariat. Extraordinary meetings of the ECM are also held as and when necessary.
  1. Minerals Coordination meeting: The BEA called upon the minerals coordination meeting to all minerals exporters to discuss the issues, constraints and urgent matter for necessary follow up. The members also discuss the authentication of floor price for the particular years for different range of products.


  1. Spice & Herb Coordination meeting: The inclusion of Spice & Herb Exporters under the umbrella of Bhutan Exporters Association. BEA in joint collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, Agriculture marketing Services (AMS) coordinate a meeting with the exporters and the growers ensuring the scope and the opportunities in export business. AMS & BEA ensure the farmers and the Exporters a market and the price, encouraging the volume of yield for particular products.


  1. Citrus Sellers Buyers Meet: The workshop is organized in collaboration with BCCI regional office in different region of Bhutan with growers, suppliers and the exporters with a aim to:
    • Discuss the existing market practices in different areas
    • Discuss the issues and constraints in citrus marketing
    • To make aware of support available from different stakeholder to benefit the citrus growers and exporters.
    • Develop action plan to improve citrus business in all region of Bhutan
  1. Annual General Meeting: Bhutan Exporters Association hold an annual General meeting at least once in every year to:
    • Appraise the audit report of the fiscal year to the general members.
    • Present the progress report
    • Election of Executive members & president (every after five years)
  1. Apple & Orange Coordination Meeting:  Month before the start of the season, meeting is organized with the government, corporate officials with the exporters to discuss the issues, constraint faced by the exporters in various field while executing the business. The meetings also discuss and fixed the floor price for the particular season.