Our Mission

    • To accelerate the country’s transition to an
      internationally oriented economy with a view to derive maximum benefit from the expanding global market opportunities.


    • To augment the productivity, modernization and competitiveness of Bhutan agriculture, industry and service and there by enhance their export potential and capabilities.


    • To encourage the attainment of internationally accepted standard of quality and thereby improve the image of Bhutan’s products abroad.


    • To stimulate Bhutan’s export by facilitating access to required raw materials, inter-mediates, compound, consumables and capital goods from the international market.


    • To encourage efficient and internationally competitive import substitution within the liberalized framework of foreign trade.


    • To impart greater transparency in the export-import policies and minimize quantitative restrictions, licensing and other discretionary controls


    • To strengthen and stimulate the country’s Research and Development capabilities.


    • Conserve, protect and promotion of healthy eco-system for ensuring balance and sustainable development, and


  • To simplify and streamline the procedures governing export business.